LG Sonic

Ecological swimming pond case study

Courtesy of LG Sonic

In spring 2009 LG Sound installed an LG Sonic in an ecological swimming pond in France. This pond has been suffering from the growth of filamentous algae for a long period of time. Even when the algae where removed, they grew back within a couple of days. Swimming or any other recreational use was made impossible in this pond.

The LG Sonic products can shift the balance in a watery ecosystem to a healthier standard in which algal growth will be reduced and some bacterial concentrations can be lowered. Besides that the LG Sonic does not harm any fish, plants or zooplankton. Because of this the LG Sonic is a very good appliance for ecological swimming pools, especially when a helophyte filter is being used. The LG Sonic does not influence the growth of plants on a negative manner.

Helophyte filters are often bothered by the growth of filamentous. This can cause a competition for nutrients among the algae and the plants. Besides that plants can be suffocated by the algae and young plants will not have the chance to grow. The LG Sonic technique can contribute to cleaner and healthier helophyte filters, so this plant filter can work more efficiently.

Directly after installation, the LG Sonic seemed to kill the algae, but the algae growth was extensively. A lot of dead algae could be seen, floating at the surface of the pond. After longer LG Sonic treatment, the pond became clear and swimming finally belonged to the possibilties in the pond.