EEA Signals 2004


Courtesy of European Environment Agency (EEA)

A European Environment Agency update on selected issues

EEA Signals are annual reports covering a broad range of topics. They are typically built around 20–30 pages of indicator-based assessment written in non-technical language for a broad audience with graphics to support the text. They are translated into all EEA languages.

The key messages in this year's report highlight the need to make further progress in managing the environmental impacts of agriculture, transport and energy. This can be achieved by further increasing the use of market-based instruments to manage demand and internalise external costs (e.g. for transport), by switching more extensively to positive subsidies (e.g. for agriculture) and by promoting innovation (e.g. for renewable energies). Similar instruments can also help deal with unsustainable trends in waste generation. The spin-off benefits for the environment and human health will be multi-dimensional across issues such as climate change, air pollution, biodiversity and water quality

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