Effects of Dietary Selenomethionine on Larval Rainbow Trout

Increased selenium (Se) concentrations in water (>10 lg/L) have been measured in the San Diego Creek, which is a tributary of the Upper Newport Bay in Orange County, CA. The objective of this study was to develop tissue- and dietary-based thresholds for Se in resident fish species in San Diego Creek. A 90-day dietary experiment was conducted to determine the effects of seleno-L-methionine (SeMe) on the growth, survival, and whole-body Se accumulation in larval (24-day-old) rainbow trout. Decreased and oxidized glutathione (GSH-to-GSSG ratio) and thiobarbituric acid–reactive substances (TBARS) were also measured in livers of exposed animals to assess oxidative damage caused by Se. Fish food was spiked with SeMe to contain 4.6, 12, and 18 lg/g (dry weight) of Se.

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