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Employees' performance appraisal with TOPSIS under fuzzy environment

Inadequate use of human resources is one of the main challenges facing the management sector these days. Employee is the primary foundation and impetus for organisation development, by understanding and evaluating employees correctly, the enterprise can impel employees effectively and guarantee the organisation's rapid and sustainable development. This paper establishes the more comprehensive evaluation index system and describes the evaluating mechanism based on MCDM techniques. In the event the determination of appraisal criteria was done by using fuzzy Delphi method and TOPSIS, FTOPSIS were used for ranking employees. Comparisons of these two methods specify the similarities or differences between them and also examine the superiority of FTOPSIS over TOPSIS which is widely accepted as the result of using fuzzy numbers. Eventually, through statistical tests, the results obtained from these methods were compared. The proposed model was applied in Kayson Company, a leading private-sector engineering and construction company.

Keywords: multicriteria decision making, MCDM, performance appraisal, fuzzy Delphi, fuzzy TOPSIS, employee appraisals, employee performance, human resource management, HRM

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