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Environmental impacts of community-based forest management in the Philippines


Community-based forest management (CBFM) is a major strategy in managing forest lands in the Philippines. Forest and land management activities implemented in CBFM project sites include management of tropical forests (enrichment planting, timber stand improvement or TSI and limited harvesting), rehabilitation of degraded lands (reforestation, assisted natural regeneration (ANR)) and agroforestry. The environmental effects of CBFM and its technologies are largely positive. CBFM has led to the conservation of natural forests and the associated biodiversity. The planting of trees in farms and landscapes has led to soil and water conservation, carbon sequestration and biomass production.

Keywords: community-based forest management, Philippines, assisted natural regeneration, agroforestry, community forestry, biomass, sustainable development, reforestation, environment, ecology, enrichment planting, timber stand improvement, limited harvesting, biodiversity, soil conservation, water conservation, carbon sequestration, environmental impact

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