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Evaluation model for cultural heritage in spatial planning

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The article describes the evaluation model for cultural heritage in spatial planning, created in the shifting perspective from a static-contemplative to a dynamic-planning understanding of the heritage. The shift is manifested in the creation of the model which allows analysis, diagnosis, definition of strategies for spatial heritage (registered and under the consideration for protection) and its evaluation and monitoring (besides the basic evaluation of the heritage characteristics). It also allows for creation and evaluation of development and management scenarios through identification and comparison of different strategic options. The article illustrates the methodology and construction of the model based on multi-criteria and heritage evaluation models and an application on a case study on the archaeological and hydro-archaeological Roman and Palaeo-christian site Fulfinum-Mirine in Croatia.

Keywords: evaluation model, decision-aid tools, Fulfinum-Mirine, Croatia, sustainable development, cultural heritage, spatial planning, analysis, diagnosis, strategies, monitoring, management scenarios, methodology, multicriteria evaluation

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