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Factors influencing the sales volume of organic fertilizer machines

1. Texture of equipment
The use of organic fertilizer machine materials, material thickness, integrity will affect the price. No matter what kind of products, raw materials are worthy of being a universal factor affecting prices. Generally speaking, a machine body is made of raw materials and scraps, and some of them are processed in one piece. The price will be slightly different.
2. Unit capacity impact
Whether it's windrow turner, organic fertilizer granulator or other equipment, the larger the unit capacity, the higher the price. It's not hard to imagine that there must be a big price difference between a production line with an annual output of 50000 tons and a production line with an annual output of 10000 tons. Not only because of the amount of materials used in the organic fertilizer production line, but also because of the different requirements of the organic fertilizer machines with different output on the process technology. The larger the unit capacity, the higher the technological requirements and the higher the price.
3. Power consumption impact
Organic fertilizer equipment is agricultural related environmental protection equipment, which also pursues environmental protection and energy saving. Energy saving performance is also a factor affecting the price. It is the same organic fertilizer production line, producing one ton of organic fertilizer, some need to consume 5kW, some need 8kw. How would you choose?
4. Environmental protection of equipment
In the early days, the equipment of organic fertilizer can be said to be extensive. As for simple processing, some processing enterprises, in order to reduce costs, even open-air processing, were intended to make qualified environmental protection industry for green ecological agriculture, but the open-air extensive processing polluted the environment. Even now there are many organic fertilizer processing enterprises are still using this kind of extensive processing. In recent years, formal manufacturers have abandoned this extensive processing technology and improved it into an environmentally friendly fertilizer production process. Of course, the price is much higher.