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Farm in Ayrshire, Scotland


Courtesy of Gaia-Wind Ltd.

This Ayrshire farm is a busy livery yard and stud which has produced 120,000kWh of electricity in its first three years.

The site has electricity requirements for lighting and equipment such as a horse walker. The main farm house and a self-catering cottage also operate an electrical heating system.

Key objective: To reduce energy bills

The owner of this farm wanted to reduce his energy bills by generating electricity from a renewable source. After substantial research into the various options available, the Gaia-Wind 133-11kW turbine was chosen based on its power production and performance in moderate wind speeds.

Site conditions
The turbine is sited in open fields about 70m NNE of the main farm buildings, on a gentle south-east slope. Apart from the farm buildings themselves there is little to obstruct wind flow in the turbine vicinity.

This site has good moderate winds with an estimated annual average wind speed of 6.6m/sat turbine height of 18m.

Turbine Performance
Commissioned in 2008 the turbine has produced 120,000kWh of green electricity in its first 3 years of operation giving a daily average production of 98kWh and offsetting 20 tonnes of CO2 production annually. About half of the electricity generated is used onsite resulting in a significant reduction in energy bills, and the remainder is sold to the grid.

'…production figures are consistent with predictions but far exceed the estimates of the local energy consultants who are amazed by its overall production. Visitors are impressed that it is so quiet and that it is productive even in reasonably light winds…'. Turbine owner

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