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Fertilizer production line of animal manure

The fertilizer production line of animal manure is piled up through primary fermentation and secondary aging. First of all, the stink of animal manure was eliminated. In one fermentation, straw, plant leaves, weed powder and other plant stems and leaves should be added in proportion. In the fertilizer production line of animal manure, the fermentation bacteria should be added to decompose the crude fiber, so that the particle size after crushing can meet the particle size requirements of granulation production.

The organic fertilizer production line is as follows: the raw materials of organic fertilizer (animal manure, domestic waste, dead branches and rotten leaves, biogas residue, waste bacteria, etc.) are fermented, then enter the semi wet material grinder for grinding, and then add nitrogen and phosphorus Potassium and other elements make the mineral elements meet the required standards, and then there is a mixer for mixing, and then into the granulation mechanism particles, after coming out, drying, screening through the screening machine, packaging of qualified products, unqualified return to the fertilizer granulator for granulation.

Many customers who don't know about the production of organic fertilizer ask this question in the first sentence. The production line of organic fertilizer is also different according to the different equipment configuration of raw materials, and can make appropriate plans according to the investment budget. The price of the production line of organic fertilizer with different output is also different. It is suggested that the client should consider how much organic fertilizer production he wants to invest before making further inquiry, and then inform the manufacturer of the raw materials for processing and production, so as to provide you with an approximate price range, and then select the appropriate organic fertilizer production equipment according to the expected investment.

The organic fertilizer production line has three configurations: high, medium and low. Large fertilizer plants need to adopt a complete set of production configurations. The appearance and nutrient content of the finished products can meet the market requirements. double roller granulator It has a greater advantage in the promotion of the finished organic fertilizer. The medium and low configuration organic fertilizer production line is suitable for small and medium-sized fertilizer plants. The sales scope of the finished organic fertilizer is limited to the nearby areas, and some processes in the organic fertilizer production process need to be completed manually.