First volumetric airborne pollen sampling in Montevideo City, Uruguay

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A volumetric aeropalynological sampling was carried out for the first time in MontevideoUruguay, from October 2000 to September 2001, using a Rotorod sampler Model 40. During the year 76 pollen types were identified. Airborne pollen was recorded over the year but a maximum pollen period was observed from August to April. For the rest of the months, pollen concentration was below 1% of the total annual pollen (TP). The pollen spectrum was characterized by the dominance of herbaceous pollen (NAP), which represented 68% of the TP and dominates the spectrum from November to March. Poaceae was the most frequent and abundant pollen type accounting for 45% of TP. The pollen spectrum reflected the floristic diversity of the city and most of the sources of airborne pollen are present in local and regional flora. Fourteen pollen types reach more than 1% of the TP and most of them are cited as allergenic pollen in other regions. These results may prove important for future medical research.

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