Fish Farm Upgrade in India - Case Study


Courtesy of AquaLifeNet

AquaLifeNet has helped the Sultan Fish Farm in India to upgrade and expand their fish farming operation to produce a more valuable crop using our unique aquaculture system.

The Sultan Farm is located in the town of Butana in the Haryana district north of Delhi. They had been growing an annual crop of 15-20 tonnes of carp fish in earth ponds, but they decided to expand and create a more efficient aquaculture facility in order to upgrade their output and increase their yield.

The farmers decided to diversify from carp production to the cultivation of Baramundi or Asian Sea Bass. This species is known as a ”superfish” because of its meaty texture, good flavour, healthy qualities and eco-friendly profile, and it is expected to sell for a high price in the fish markets of India’s capital city.

In order to increase their yield of this more valuable crop, they set up a central fish hatchery and nursery alongside their existing fish farm. This new facility can potentially produce 1 million fishlings each year, which are then transferred to the earth fish pools.

The company hired Upgrade Solutions to supply and install 6 pool structures made from plastic-lined corrugated steel, each designed to hold 30 cubic meters of water.

These pools are serviced by one powerful Biofishency filter, which cleans and recycles the water using minimal power input. This creates the ideal environment for growing healthy Barramundi fishlings, which are then transferred to the earth ponds to complete their growth cycle. Anticipated annual production will be 120 tonnes of marketable fish.

AquaLifeNet not only provided the infrastructure, technology and know-how to help Sultan Fish farm set up their new hatchery and water filtration system, but also provides on-going support to the central facility to ensure that their Barramundi crop is benefiting from the optimum conditions for maximum growth.

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