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Flaxseed (Linum usitatissiumum) also known as linseed, is thought to be one of the world’s oldest cultivated crops with evidence of cultivation dating back thousands of years. The crop is prized for its fibre and oil. The fibre, obtained from the stocks of the plant, is used to make fine linen and paper. The oil is used primarily for industrial purposes. The oil is probably best known for its function in the production of paints and floor covering (linoleum). The by-product remaining after oil extraction – flaxseed meal or linseed meal – is a source of protein used in livestock feeds, especially in the rations of ruminant animals. The seed is also used in livestock production for its medicinal properties, in particular for its functions as a laxative as well as for improving skin and hair quality.

CJP is dedicated to the development of oil seed bearing trees - non-food multiple vegetable oil plantation and technologies in order to reduce Dependence on fossil fuels, bring greater control and security of fuel supply and reduce dangerous climate changing emissions, including CO2. With years of continuing research, experiments and trials has provided an adage to find and develop 2nd generation biodiesel feedstock with low cost input technology. After having a number of successful field trials CJP has honor to establish Flax - another potential feedstock for Bio- Diesel industry of future because it could serve as fodder and an oil source for biodiesel. For more clik here

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