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Florida - Island Development case study


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Steeped in history and tales of pirates, Blacks Island has become a residential paradise, thanks in part to creative decentralized wastewater solutions. In October of 2006, Blacks Island LLC received approval to begin construction of a twenty-six lot residential development on this seven-acre island located off the Florida panhandle in St. Joe Bay.

The town of Port St. Joe sprang up in the 1820’s and by 1835 was one of the largest seaports in Florida, along with St. Augustine, Pensacola and Key West. During the mid 1830’s, Captain Black, an English sea captain, arrived in St. Joe Bay to carry on his trade. Captain Black is the first recorded owner of the island and is the person for whom the island is still named. The date of platting of the island preceded Florida’s statehood by ten years.

Bill Koran and Mr. Grimsley the current owners set upon the path for developing an ecotourism-related property. After several years of unsuccessful attempts to obtain the required permits to discharge the wastewater from the proposed development, they contacted Dr. Kevin Sherman, Director of Engineering for Quanics, Inc. Late in 2005, Dr. Sherman and the Quanics team began working on a proposal to submit to the Florida Department of Health for a unique decentralized wastewater solution to serve the island. Due to the challenges of the location and site, a variance from the Department of Health was required. After two visits to the Florida Variance Board, the permit to construct the wastewater system was issued in October 2006.

The proposed wastewater system consists of small clustered advanced treatment systems, utilizing a Quanics Bio-COIRTM system followed by disposal through sub-surface drip irrigation fields scattered throughout the property. Quanics, Inc is providing a complete turnkey package for this development including engineering, regulatory and installation oversight. By utilizing the products, engineering, and regulatory expertise offered by Quanics, Inc, Blacks Island LLC is now well on its way to becoming a premier residential development.

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