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Food Transport Trucks

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Food Transport Truck is mostly designed for food reselling or different kinds of food material transportation, which including Mobile Food Truck/Trailer, Refrigerated Truck/Trailer, Milk Tank Truck/Trailer, milk transport trucks for sale.


Food transport trucks by functions

Mobile Food Truck is a truck with a van box that equipped with different kinds of kitchen wares, sinks, especially refrigerator, etc. It can be served as mobile food cooking and selling station. The use of food trucks can better integrate several types of food appliances into ovens, a and other tools, making food cooking more convenient. With the truck base, it can move to the different area if needed. It is a very good choice to start a small, but good food selling the business.

Refrigerated Truck is commonly used for the transport of frozen foods, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, vaccine drugs, etc. The Refrigerated Truck is composed of truck chassis, heat insulation body, refrigerator unit, and a temperature controller in the cabin. There will be optional special requirements, such as meat hook, stainless steel shelf, aluminum alloy ventilation slots, and other optional parts. The refrigerated body is specially made in 3 layers, outside and inside layer is fiberglass material with inside 80mm polyurethane material for insulation. Since refrigerator unit is very important parts, there are many different brands for choice, including Chinese brand Hanxue, Huatai, Hanya, King Tec, international brand Carrier, Thermo King, etc.

Milk Tank Truck /Trailer, also known as Fresh Milk Transport Truck, Milk Tanker Truck, Liquid Food Transport Truck, it is usually a milk tank mounted on a truck chassis. The milk tank is usually in 3 layers, inside layer is usually in food-grade stainless steel 304L inside the tank, the middle layer is polyurethane material insulation, outside layer is stainless steel for protection. The milk tank can be separated in 2-3 compartments, each compartment is equipped with a CIP cleaning device inside. Each compartment will install separated stainless steel pipeline with loading & discharging valves. In 30 Celsius degree temperature, the inside milk temperature will decrease in less than 1 Celsius degree. If customer need, a refrigerator can also choose to keep the cooling temperature, also truck pump can be chosen for milk discharge.