Geotex® 801 Soil helps tame road through the wilderness case study


Courtesy of Propex Operating Company, LLC

The National Wild Turkey Federation has over 800,000 members that are involved with maintaining camps and grounds across the United States. This requires traversing un-paved roads in order to gain access to remote areas, while complying with wildlife agencies rules and regulations.

This particular hunting ground posed significant challenges. The best solution to the problem of soft soils and a surrounding water table was to install a gravel road using a geotextile underneath the road to provide separation and stabilization so that hunters could safely access remote areas of the camp while keeping in tact the neighboring pond and stream which Buck Horn Road traversed.

Once the site was prepared by removing any stumps or roots that lay in the path of the fabric, Geotex® 801 was rolled out over the surface. Next, four truckloads of 57 stone (each weighing approximately 70000 lbs) traversed the fabric; otherwise the full trucks would have gotten caught in the mud. Finally, the unpaved road was completed and used by the NWTF members.

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