Getting more from DR: A buyer’s guide for demand response


Courtesy of World Energy Solutions, Inc.

Depending on the amount of energy your company uses, it could be a candidate for participating in demand response (DR), the popular grid-sponsored programs that pay businesses like yours not to use energy during times of peak demand.

While the enrollment deadline for many of next year’s DR programs is months away, DR providers (DRPs), the middlemen of DR, are already pursuing your business in earnest. DRPs want to secure your curtailment assets now so they can aggregate load that will reduce strain on the grid next summer, a service for which they will be handsomely rewarded. In return for your peak-load reducing actions – whether shutting down production lines, turning down lighting and cooling systems, or switching to back up generation – DRPs are ready to offer you a cut of what they get paid by the utility.

But why should you settle for the DRP’s cut? Did you know there’s a better way to increase your share of DR payments?

Fortunately, today’s DR participants have more choice and better tools than ever before to select the right program and provider to meet their needs and maximize their return.

Download World Energy’s complimentary DR Buyer’s Guide to learn how our 5-step process will ensure you select the right DR program and provider to meet your needs and maximize your DR payment this year and beyond.

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