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Golf Course Lakes Treatment


Atlas Seis is a company with 22 years of experience acting in the fields of Energy and Environment. We have qualified and expert technicians in different fields, equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to propose the best solutions to our customers.

Hereby, we present you the bioaugmentation technology and our biological product bioaqua.

The eutrophication process is an enrichment of mineral and organic nutrients in a lake, yielding an excess of vegetation (algae).


• Bioaugmentation consists in an increase of selected bacteria that will naturally help the decomposition and degradation of organic matter and excess nutrients from the golf courses lakes;

• These bacteria are natural, non pathogenic and are completely biodegradable, producing enzymes, which accelerate the rate of degradation;

• This technology increases the capacity of existing microbial population in wastewater treatment systems. When organic compounds are degraded they are converted into H2O, CO2 and energy, which is used by the bacteria in their rapid process of multiplication;

The product Bioaqua is composed of strains of bacteria that degrade the excess nutrients, competing with algae and eliminating them, thus preventing the effect of eutrophication;

• Increases efficiency of the wastewater treatment system.


  • Decomposes the excess nutrients;
  • Prevents the excessive growth of plants and algae;
  •  Prevents the clogging of pumps, valves and sprinklers;
  • Prevents the increase of sediments and the decrease of water storage capacity;
  • Prevents the organic and bacterial contamination of grass;
  • Prevents the appearance of unpleasant odours and insects;
  • Improves the aesthetic of the lake;
  • Easy application solution.


  • Each treatment plan is dosed depending on the parameter to reduce and the flow/volume of effluent;
  • Each system is unique, as such, it must always be performed a comprehensive analysis of the treatment process and possible oscillations;
  • It is an ongoing process, limited by the evolution of bacteria and, therefore, it takes a few weeks to clearly see the results;
  • Unlike chemicals, bacteria are not always applied in the same initial amount (inoculation).

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