"Gomselmash" Will Test The Grain Harvester On Gas Fuel


Courtesy of Gomselmash

“Holding 'GOMSELMASH' will test grain combine on gas fuel in 2017”, - informed Chief Designer, Mr. Sergei Fedorovich.

The project is carried out through the request of of OJSC “Gazprom”. A new machine, which will use compressed natural gas methane as fuel, is expected to work in some Russian regions. According to the calculations of experts, the use of methane instead of diesel fuel will reduce fuel costs by 40%, as well as reduce the amount of harmful emissions.

At the moment, we work on relevant documentation and have already started the production of a prototype. “This year, we will test the combine, set of equipment and machines that should serve it at the Belorussian machine testing station. For example, it is necessary to check in field conditions a mobile car gas refueler”, Sergei Fedorovich noted.

The issue of compatibility of harvesters with engines that customers would like to see on their machinery is of top priority for the company. This work is important for the localization of the production of Belarusian harvesters abroad.

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