Grasspave2 and Thatch Buildup


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Grasspave2 reinforces grass for traffic areas and prevents compaction. The porous base course below and grass surface allow rain to enter and pass through the crosssection quickly over long periods of time. However, several species of grass (dense turf types) are subject to building a thick layer of thatch (dead and dense organic material) on the surface. This layer can inhibit water penetration and also elevate the plant crown (active growing stalk) well above the protection provided by the Grasspave2 ring structure – allowing potential damage to the plant from traffic.

Warm season grasses (like St. Augustine and Bermuda) are very efficient at surface growth and starting new shoots off older stems, thus growing vertical rapidly, but leaving older stems to compact and capture clippings. Cool season grasses are generally slower in growth, but still subject to capture of mown clippings and allowing them to compact at the surface – generating thatch. Geographic areas with low moisture and/or low microbial activity to biodegrade the clippings will build thatch layers more quickly.

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