Gravelpave2 Cement Binder


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

In using cement as a stabilizing agent in Gravelpave2, location and application need to be considered in order to determine delivery method. Small, remote projects like rails to trails installations or horse trails where larger vehicle access is limited will require a small portable cement mixer and wheel barrow conveyance. Cement is added to stone proportionately, say one shovel full for every ten shovels full of stones. Dye may be added here also, as in the Garden of the Gods project, one 8 oz. full for every 1/3 of a yard mixed. For larger, more accessible jobs, a ready-mix concrete truck can be used, preferably a front discharge truck, which can save labor by spreading the mix over the Gravelpave2 fairly evenly, prior to raking and tamping. IN BOTH CASES NO WATER IS ADDED TO THE MIXES; THE STONE AND CEMENT ARE SPREAD AND TAMPED DRY INTO GRAVELPAVE2. (Note: ready-mix trucks must either be relatively new or have well-maintained, sharp augurs in order to allow the dry product to pour freely. You will need to mention this to the ready mix dispatcher.)

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