Gravity separation equipment classification and using direction

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Jigging machine

Jigging machine can be used in separating tungsten, tin, iron, manganese, gold, tantalum, niobium, zirconium and titanium mineral. Its main advantage is that as soon as possible to obtain coarse particle concentration, thereby reducing the mineral crushing, and equipment production capacity per unit area is large, so it is widely used in the tungsten, tin concentrator.

Jigging machine can not only be used in roughing operation, but also can be used in the selection of operation, its processing granularity with 20 ~ 0.2 mm advisable.Regard to the severity of the beneficial mineral separation monomer in the mine.

Shaking table

Shaking table is one of the main equipment for gravity concentrator, it is characterized by high rich ore ratio, can reach more than 100 times, it is commonly used for the final concentrate, at the same time can tell final tailings.Shaking table more effectively than jig processing fine material, under the appropriate feed particle size is 3 mm.The disadvantage is that covers an area of big, low production capacity.So it's best to table used for processing the rough concentrate after the jigging separation, in tungsten tin concentrator use most equipment.

Centrifugal separator

Centrifugal separator is an effective equipment for separating slime, Yunnan tin company concentrator adopts centrifugal separator used for roughing operations (mud), the seeding effect is very good.

Belt chute

Belt chute is the most effective device separating slime, 37 ~ 19 microns to choose don't very fine grain of tin ore particularly effective, recovery rate can reach more than 90%.The biggest drawback is the production capacity is low.

Spiral separator

Alluvial placer spiral separator is suitable for processing, especially suitable for the useful minerals single Hugh separation degree is high, and the use of flat in shape particles.Deal with particle size range is commonly 2 ~ 0.05 mm, the most effective choice materials don't granularity is 1 ~ 0.1 mm.

Heavy medium separation machine

Heavy medium separation machine is applicable to choose other size range is wide, generally from 150 to 0.3 mm.Heavy media separation of commonly used fillers are magnetite, hematite, pyrite, galena, corundum, etc.

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