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Green and sustainable development of organic fertilizer equipment casting

In recent years, we have developed green agriculture, promoted the solution of agricultural resource tightening, agricultural non-point source pollution, degradation of agricultural ecosystem and quality safety of agricultural products, and implemented the use of organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer, livestock and poultry manure as resources and straw as resources. With the rapid development of organic fertilizer production line, agricultural enterprises and farmers pay close attention to organic fertilizer, and organic fertilizer industry is becoming more and more popular. But it is very important to choose the right organic fertilizer equipment for the people to use the high quality organic fertilizer safely!
To choose the fertilizer equipment suitable for you, the first thing you need to know is the technological process. Listen to the introduction of experienced people, take a look at the pelletizing equipment of the organic fertilizer industry, and determine the fertilizer technology. Select appropriate organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers, conduct field visits to the manufacturers, and select professional manufacturers with brand strength to ensure the after-sales service quality in the later operation of the equipment.