Greenstreak PEC-MAT Evalulation vs Slopetame2


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

PEC-MAT Strengths

  • It is heavy to keep it in place on a slope (essentially a “hard mulch”), and can hold seed under the fibers from loss by rain, or flowing water,
  • Fibers are bonded together for somewhat consistant openings thru mat,
  • Mat is flexible to sag down as soil is removed from below by water,
  • Mat is “permanent” with good UV inhibitors
  • Mat will withstand up to 20 feet per second water velocity (once grasses are very well established) which is very high velocity for vegetation cover.

PEC-MAT Weaknesses

  • Product is open to soils below product - This allows the potential for rain drops to impact soil (dislodging soil and seed). Soil “containment” is not possible with open structure.
  • Bonded Fibers limit stretch to fill gaps from soils eroding below mat. Water can also gather and collect under the mat to create a continuous channel(s) of erosion under the product. Some soils can erode 10” plus during a single rain storm.
  • Mat sits on top of seeded soil (most common) and will not become integrated with root zone until grass creeps over and into the fibers, or the mat becomes filled with soil via air or water, with grass plant growing upwards into mat.
  • Flexibility of fibers can allow mat to sag or be pulled down face of slope, away from anchor stakes, etc.

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