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In December 1997, member countries of the United Nations reached agreement to reduce their total greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. By 2005, all member countries will have to report on their progress. Such international action reflects the immediate need to tackle the issue of greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on climate change. As the world looks to the new millennium, government agencies are starting to implement guidelines and procedures for business to measure, reduce and report on their greenhouse gas emissions.
Energy use and emissions from business account for a significant portion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. To assist businesses in meeting the commitments made by their governments under the Kyoto Protocol to reduce their country’s emissions of 6 greenhouse gases by 2008-2012, GreenWare is proud to announce the release of its Greenhouse Gas Performance Software. This software allows companies to report on their greenhouse gas emissions using a common framework, and to set targets for improvements in their energy use and environmental performance.

GreenWare’s Greenhouse Gas Performance Software

GreenWare’s Greenhouse Gas Performance Software is a performance system designed specifically for companies measuring, monitoring and reporting on their greenhouse gas emissions. Using the powerful technology of GreenWare’s Environmental Performance Software, the Greenhouse Gas Performance Software provides companies with a complete toolset for determining their current performance, and for taking the actions needed at each facility, subsidiary, and/or corporate division to bring them in line with overall corporate objectives and targets.

The software methodology consists of two key components:

Data collection: an unlimited number of reporting entities collect their performance data on an ongoing basis. This data is seamlessly integrated and consolidated to the parent company through the use of a global generic data identification ('mapping') system.
Automatic report building: Customizable, intelligent performance and trend reports are generated based on expert rules embedded in the software for internal, external, and compliance reporting.
Key features of the Greenhouse Gas Performance Software include a fully scaleable database of greenhouse gas performance indicators, as well as the units and standard conversion rates for each. Powerful data import and direct data entry capabilities for each facility, organized into an auditable journal system, allow all the data to be linked automatically to greenhouse gas reports for the four key emission areas: energy use, transport-related, specialist process, and air conditioning and refrigeration emissions. These reports are then linked to a summary report on overall greenhouse gas emissions for all 6 greenhouse gases. Also included are an optional data quality system and diagnostic performance reports directly generated from the database. And the software comes with a user-friendly and extensive Wizard that allows users to set up their greenhouse gas performance system efficiently and effectively.

All data can be updated in real time and normalized for comparison purposes across any level of a company. A special data warehousing module can be added to the software for performance comparison and benchmarking of best practices across company facilities using an Intranet, or between companies and across industries using the Internet. For those companies with an environmental management system, the software contains the key worksheets for ISO 14000 compliance. GreenWare’s Greenhouse Gas Performance Software has been designed for use by companies of all sizes and in any industry, with powerful customization features that don’t require user programming to meet specific corporate reporting needs.

GreenWare is an internationally-recognized software firm that has been developing environmental software products since 1995. GreenWare’s trio of ISO 14000 software products – ISO 14000 Assessment, ISO 14000 Implementation and ISO 14000 Audit – is sold around the world. In March of this year, GreenWare released its Environmental Performance software, and has now launched the first in a series of specialized environmental performance products.

GreenWare continues to develop innovative products to meet the needs of businesses around the world for user-friendly, flexible, and state-of-the-art tools to improve their environmental performance. Later this year, GreenWare will release expert report-building software for external reporting. This product will be consistent with international external corporate sustainability reporting practices, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) spearheaded by the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES). GreenWare has an established a network of international partners in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, Germany and Australia.

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