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Grower Reflections on the 2017/2018 Indigo Wheat Season

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U.S. winter wheat was hit hard with challenging growing conditions this past season. The USDA expects a nationwide harvest of 1.2 billion bushels, which would be the lowest since 2002. Dry months after planting paired with freezes in April and then extremely hot temperatures during grain fill were a perfect storm for wheat growers. In Texas and Oklahoma, many fields were abandoned for the year, which means it wasn’t worthwhile for the growers to even harvest — Texas saw a 66% abandonment rate and Oklahoma 54%, which are historic highs.

At Indigo, we contracted with wheat growers across the U.S.: we worked with them throughout the growing season, providing treated seed and data-based agronomic advice, and are purchasing their harvests at a premium to sell directly to interested grain buyers.

We’re proud to report that on many farms our microbial treatment — developed to increase plant health in the face of water stress — was able to protect harvests despite challenging conditions. We know that environmental stresses can vary dramatically within just a few days, and have developed our proprietary microbial technology with this variation in mind, helping plants to maintain performance.

We’d like to share a handful of comments and pictures from the growers that we’re working with. Thanks very much to each of you for putting your faith in us — for giving us a shot. We know we’re not perfect, but we’re off to a good start and are committed to improving on our offering and performance each year. Above all, we’re committed to working with you to improve the profitability of your operation and the health of your land, in good years and bad.

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