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Growing currants and other berries organically


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Northern of Latvia is region where there are relatively many crops with ecological berry plantations – including currants.

As a company, we had the opportunity to personally see it in June this year. Together with our dealer – the SIA POLTEH company we took part in the Farm’s Open Day ( which was organized by ones of the local berry’s producers. The event was accompanied with demonstrations of agricultural equipment necessary for maintenance berry plantations.

Ones of the major problem for organically grown fruit producers is troublesome weed in any crop. The inability to use herbicides makes it necessary to look for other effective methods to weeds removing. How to solve this problem?

Growing currants and other berries organically



Growing berries, as well as other crops, requires a lot of work.

An extremely important aspect in advanced production is providing bushes optimal growth conditions, including removing weeds from crops. In this case, it is usual to use mechanical treatments by using mowers or rotary tillers, which help keep plantations in good condition.

During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to directly look at multi-functional  machine’s work  and evaluate its. Device SAVA was designed for the care of orchards and plantations of bushes greatly facilitates and accelerates the maintenance of orchard cultivation. The machine is made of an universal tool holder and attached to it, replaceable tools on one or both sides. Tools which can be mounted on the device include: sweeper of branches and leaves, inter-row tiller, inter-row strimmer, herbicidal beam and ROCH shoots cutter.

Growing currants and other berries organically

During the demonstration of the SAVA machine’s work, the participants observed the work of inter-row tiller, herbicidal beam and sweeper of branches and leaves. The presentation of the machine’s work met with great interest among producers.

Growing currants and other berries organically


The demand for organic food is increasing every year. It results that producers should also find a market, where they could sell the ecological food (including berries). Similar, like in the case of vegetable growing, it is also necessary to have knowledge and experience. This allows You to reduce the risk of later disappointments. However, the decision of growing ecological crops must be made individually by producer.

Growing currants and other berries organically

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