Growing Vegetables & Profiting Using LED Grow Lights


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Business people around the world are recognizing the opportunities that have been created with LED Grow Lights. This concept was originated by NASA and designed to accompany astronauts on space flights to grow food on the spaceship quickly with a minimal amount of energy expended. LED was this solution they came up with, now fast forward and we have entire farms all growing indoors with LED.

This in itself is not completely unusual, given that many climates only provide a select number of months to grow in. In the southern USA, we can grow for 6-7 maybe even 8 months due to the warm climate. Farmers around the country have been using HID (High Intensity Discharge) sodium lights for years, but they are expensive to operate and 85% of the light they emit is wasted and the bulbs have a short lifespan. Also because of the heat emitted, robust and expensive HVAC systems are required to keep temperatures even.

LED changes all of that and there is a surged interest in organic foods, medicinal organics and cannabis options as well . This demand has dramatically increased the efficacy of today’s LED lighting systems and has been instrumental in the creation of the amazing LED Grow Lights that are now available. That is where companies like Veggie Fresh LED has established themselves. Their new ST72 Water Resistant LED Grow Light was made specifically for this purpose, a long fixture at 3 feet, even available in 4 and 5 feet lengths. This amazing light gives exactly the necessary power, beam angle and diode selection that a grower needs to be successful indoors.

Billions of dollars will be generated in this new category of LED, with both entrepreneurs and growers both making money. The entrepreneurial side is the sale of this food to new markets, and the growers having new customers. Every person in America has seen this change in their local big box grocery stores. New labeling, new skus, new categories of natural and organic foods. All of this has created financial opportunities for those with the vision to follow the market. So what is your niche?

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