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GTMA Mission: The Netherlands

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“I’m looking for a partner in Canada,” says Ward Janssens from Orgaworld, a composting and biocel fermentation plant we visited. Chris Kallio, with the town of Newmarket, says, “It wasn’t until this reception that I realized how strong the Dutch interest in making North American connections is.”

“They want to use Canada as a gateway to that market,” says Kallio. And if it benefits us, why not let ourselves be used?

Andrew Pride, with Minto Energy Management, says he had hoped to learn about Dutch technologies in more detail, but then shifted his expectations when he realized this trip was about learning how to—and how not to—apply new technologies and making business connections. If a specific technology or partnership is worth following up on, it can be done from home – and many delegates have done that.

Kallio got to know Pride better on the mission and now they have an ongoing dialogue about developing a central area along Newmarket’s Main Street. “It’s great to attract developer attention to our area,” says Kallio. Kallio has also kept in touch with Karim Tejani with the trade department of the Consulate General of the Netherlands. Tejani has toured Newmarket since the trip and sees potential for York Region to be among the first to use certain Dutch technologies in Canada.

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