Hatchery- Grieg Seafood, Canada


Courtesy of Hanovia Ltd - a Halma Company

Installed in November 2004

Scope of supply:
Three systems, Photon PMD320K6/10, including automatic quartz cleaning system. Duty/ Standby operation.

The main target organism is Furunculosis (Ameromonas Salmonicida).

Total Flow: 900 m3/h

Transmittance: 88% in a 10 mm cell


The threat of disease is one of greatest dangers to a commercial hatchery. Grieg Seafood BC LTD in Canada took proactive action against this potential threat by installing Hanovia Photon IIUV disinfection systems at its British Columbia hatchery. With the company’s emphasis on the welfare of its farmed fish, a regard for the environment, and a commitment to avoid the use of medicines, Hanovia equipment was a natural choice; the systems require no chemicals, have no residual effect on the treated water, and are simple to operate.

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