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Himmerland dairy farm case study


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Barn Type: 60 tie stall dairy barn. Mats used in stalls. Manure Handling: Barn houses about 17 – 20 cows along each of two 120 foot parallel pits 2.5 feet wide and 5 to 9 feet deep (stepped). The pits gravity drain to the center of the pit and then flow out to an outside manure storage pit via 2.5 foot square pipe. Half of south gutter is used to handle parlour wash. At the present time 8 stall on the north gutter and 2 stalls on the south gutter are all unusable for cows due poor flow and accumulated solids. These stalls are presently being used for calves with bedding

Producer Goals: Producer wanted to liquefy the manure in the pits so that they flow and significantly reduce the volume of accumulated solids so that lost stalls at the east end o the south gutter could be reclaimed and used., The producer also wanted to reduce the impact of pit pumping on the air quality of the barn. Normally pit pumping results in a significant increase in ammonia levels in the barn, resulting in a burning sensation in the eyes of staff in the barn.

Treatment Date (s): April 22, 2005 & May 4, 2005
Product Application: 15 kg BactiDomus® Technology product: Method of Application: April 22, 2005: 8 Kg of BactiDomus® Technology product was applied to entire 120 foot length of north gutter. Applied additional 4 kg to half (non-parlour wash side) of south gutter. No treatment was applied to 60 foot length that handles parlour wash. In all cases the product was sprinkled dry on top of the metal grid covering the gutters and was subsequently watered in.

May 4, 2005: An additional 1 kg of BactiDomus® Technology product was applied to each end of north gutter and to the east end of the south gutter where flow was poorest and a significant amount of feed was present in pits.

It was suggested that the producer continue these treatments with maintenance dosages every four months after the initial treatment. Maintenance dosage was prescribed at 2 kg of BactiDomus® Technology product per 15 stalls (1/4 pit).

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