Hog facility Texas, USA


Courtesy of Roebic Laboratories, Inc.

Type of Wastewater System: Supernate pit flush system

Problem: This facility was having problems with manure crusting and floating on the top of the pit. This was making it impossible to flush the solids from the pit to an anaerobic digester. It was also having a tremendous buildup of ammonia gas that was causing irritation to the pigs and the employees. Flies were beginning to use the crusting manure as a breeding ground which was also creating problems for the pigs and employees.

Expectations: To use microbial products to break the crusting and enable the barns to be flushed as needed. Reduce ammonia gases to relieve stress on the animals and employees.

Product Used: ROETECH 106 PS

Date Started: 4/01/05

Starting Point Facilities: Slatted Floor Pit Flush-85,000 gallon capacity, Flushed every 7 days, recharge with supernate

Analyzed: 4/30/05

Quantity Used:
20 lbs Roetech 106 PS week 1
10 lbs Roetech 106 PS week 2
10 lbs Roetech 106 PS week 3
10 lbs Roetech 106 PS week 4

Facility was able to flush all of the pit to the digester by week 4 Ammonia gases reduced and eliminated as a source of irritation and stress both to the animals and the personnel working in the facility. Flies were unable to lay eggs in the manure thereby reducing the flies in the facilities dramatically

Within the second week the crust was starting to break up and was able to flush through the system in significant amounts. By the end of the fourth week the entire pit was being flushed to the digester.

Numerous problems were happening at this hog unit: inability to flush pits, stress to animals and employees due to ammonia gas, and fly populations were becoming unmanageable. Roetech 106 PS attacked all of the afore mentioned problems and enabled this facility to go back to its original functionality and at the same time making the working environment safe for the employees. Roetech 106 PS enabled the pit facility to flush and work properly in conjunction with its anaerobic digester.

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