How To Choose the Best LED Grow Light

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There are many LED companies in the market; which one to choose is a big difficulty that all the growers are facing. Adding LEDs to your grow room can be a very wise decision and the results will be very rewarding if you get a high performance light and go with a company who can provide top notch service whenever needed. We researched countless number of LED grow light companies and provided our results here. Each of these companies has several different products. We chose the medium sized lights from each company and tried to pick lights that are similar to each other in terms of coverage area and performance to give you a visualized comparison.


1.    California Lightworks –

A Company out of Southern California that sells top-tier lights which feature a combination of diodes and UVB fluorescent tubes. Performance of their lights are in line with their advertised specifications. Their line of Solar Storm lights can be found on several different sites.

2.    G8LED –

Another California company that sells the G8LED brand and is known for very high customer service and their optimal 8-Band technology. Their lights produce large yields and have a very efficient design. They offer very competitive pricing and high customer and product feedback ratings.

3.    TopLED –

One of the original LED grow light companies sells their popular Mars II Series grow light which has two switches, one for veg and one for bloom. The Mars II Series lights have been one of the favorites in the LED market and continue to be a top tier grow light.

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