How to Make Carpet Cleaners Eco-Friendly

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The number of people who check the eco-friendly credentials of carpet cleaners before they buy has been on the rise. This is mainly because of improved environmental awareness among the general public. This has forced suppliers of cleaning systems to do one of two things. Some companies try to improve the cleaning machines. Others start publishing false claims on their brochures and websites. For this reason, it is better to get the facts right before purchasing a carpet shampooer.

Cleaning Machines and the Environment
When cleaning machines became popular some decades ago, there were not many environmental considerations. The focus was on the efficiency of the machine. But, slowly, environmental aspects began to affect customers' purchasing decisions.

Among the cleaning machines, steam cleaners are the most eco-friendly. These machines clean mainly by high temperature output. The advantage of these machines is that they do not require the help of any cleaning agent. Pressure washers too do not require much help from cleaning agents as these machines rely mainly on output pressure.

Carpet cleaners, on the other hand, require the help of cleaning agents for increased cleaning efficiency. This article offers some tips on how to find the most eco-friendly machines and how to make the cleaning process more environmentally safe.

Use Green Chemicals
The first tip for making carpet cleaners more eco-friendly has to be recommending the use of green chemicals. In order to understand the significance of green chemicals, it is better to understand how these machines work.

Carpet cleaners work by injecting water into mats and carpets. For best results, it is important to pre-spray the carpet with a cleaning solution and allow some time for the cleaning solution to work on the surface. The cleaning solution breaks or weakens the bonds between dirt and the carpet surface.

Then, cleaning workers take over. They inject water, as previously mentioned, and agitate the surface, while letting the machine simultaneously remove the dirt. The chemical cleaning solution does more than just break or weaken the bonds between dirt and the surface. They could also leave behind harmful and toxic residues on the surface, harming customers, employees, children, pets, and all those who come in contact with the damaging detergents.

These toxic residues are the prime reason why carpet cleaning machines are considered not so eco-friendly. The solution, in fact, lies in the problem itself: Do not use cleaning solutions that leave toxic behind residue. Instead, use green chemicals.

Green chemicals are naturally-derived cleaning agents. They are made from plants and vegetables. More importantly, green products do not contain any artificial ingredients. If they are used for cleaning with carpet shampooer equipment, the menace of toxic residues is completely removed.

Use Green Chemicals
Conventional carpet cleaning equipment did not contain heating elements in the past. Hence, these machines could give only cold water output. Modern carpet cleaning equipment does contain heating elements and can provide heated output.

Carpet extractors with heated output are more eco-friendly than the machines that give cold water output, as they offer more power without the use of additional cleaning chemicals.

Opt for Low Flow Technology
Top carpet cleaning machines boasts low flow technologies to drastically reduce the amount of water used in the cleaning process without reducing cleaning power. Water reduction alone is a tremendously eco-friendly benefit. However, heightened productivity is another benefit, as lower water use leads to quicker drying. Carpet extractors with heated output offer even faster cleaning, with drying times as low as 2 hours.

In addition, if the cleaned surface remains wet, dirt and microorganisms naturally gravitate toward the surface. The risk of mold, mildew, and odors forming greatly increase. If the surface becomes dry within a short amount of time, the chances of it staying clean and hygienic are much higher.

Remember when in the market for your next carpet cleaner, look for 3 key items: Low Flow Technology, heated output, and green cleaning solutions.


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