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How to make chicken manure into organic fertilizer

Chicken manure is a kind of relatively high-quality organic fertilizer, which is also what we often call farm manure. Chicken manure contains a lot of elements, the highest three elements are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and some trace mineral elements. The chicken manure that has not been decomposed or fermented in the chicken manure fertilizer production process can not be used as fertilizer directly. If the chicken manure that has not been fermented is used, it can not only provide nutrients for plants, but also burn crops. So how to ferment chicken manure into high quality organic fertilizer?

There are many ways to treat chicken manure, such as physical method, chemical method, microbial fermentation method and so on. Each of these approaches has its own advantages. We often use the natural stacking fermentation method, which is our traditional method. The fermentation time is five to six months, which is relatively long. The disadvantage of this method is that the odor is easy to emit, causing environmental pollution and nutrient loss. It is the best to use organic fertilizer machine for microbial fermentation, which can not only shorten the fermentation time, but also save nutrients in chicken manure. Let's talk about the production process of making chicken manure into organic fertilizer:

Step 1: collect chicken manure and pig urine, mix with hay and rotten silage to make compost and let it ferment. In the process of fermentation, the pig manure can be fully fermented by using a compost windrow turner, which can only be done in a timely and even way. Now some places are very dry, some places are very wet, which will affect the quality of fermentation.

Step 2: use the batching bin to crush, proportion and mix the composted materials, inorganic fertilizers such as N, P, K and other additives in a certain proportion through the material grinder and horizontal mixer.

The third step: using the new organic fertilizer granulator to granulate the material.

Step 4: the particle size of the output from the pelletizing and forming system is different, so it needs to be screened and graded. The selected rotary screen machine requires small vibration, low noise, convenient screen changing and equipped with screen surface cleaning device. It is suggested to equip with automatic return system to screen the unqualified large and small particles, which will be transported out through the belt elevator, re crushed and then sent to the granulator to continue granulation, which will help to improve the continuous operation capacity of the production line.

Step 5: use the organic fertilizer dryer to further remove the moisture of the screened particles to meet the standard requirements of the moisture content of the organic fertilizer.

Step 6: use the cooler to cool the granular materials, which is helpful for the storage and quality of the granules.