Improving Dairy Wastewater

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Dairy Wastewater Treatment

Dairy Cows in a Field

The typical dairy wastewater treatment system has a “separator” screen that removes about 10-15% of the larger solids from the flush water.

The solids are returned as bedding for the cows, and the dairy waste water liquid flows to the first pond.

Typically, there are a series of ponds, which rely on anaerobic (without oxygen) digestion to degrade the solids.

The final dairy wastewater pond water is used for irrigation of the remaining property where corn or oats are grown as a feed for the cows.

Due to the nature of this anaerobically treated wastewater, the water is very high in nitrogen in the form of ammonia and or organic nitrogen. This dairy waste water often needs to be diluted with fresh water to avoid the ‘plant burn’ associated with excessive nitrogen loading.

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