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Interactive Forestry Atlas of Cameroon (version 3.0)

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The Interactive Forest Atlas of Cameroon is a living forest information system hosted in the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) and supported by a joint team including members from MINFOF and the World Resources Institute (WRI). Built on a geographic information system (GIS) platform, the atlas provides unbiased and up-to-date information on the Cameroonian forest sector. One of its main objectives is to strengthen forest management and land use planning by bringing all major land use categories onto the same standardized platform. While the underlying Forest Atlas database is kept up-to-date by the MINFOF-WRI team as new information becomes available, periodic publications of the data and database are made publicly available through the atlas report, poster, and mapping application.

This report and associated material is the third in a series of interactive forest atlases of Cameroon. It provides the reader with the land use allocation and land cover types in the national forest estate through June 2011, recent trends in production forests, and an expanded discussion of recent developments with community forests. Updated information on protected areas and the public and private road network is also featured, along with preliminary information about mining concessions likely to affect Cameroon’s forests. Additionally, this report highlights several practical examples of its use and outlines future directions and applications of the Atlas.

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