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In Australia we have developed a very popular iPhone Application ('app'). The 'app' has hrt 'Number One' on the App Store as the most purchased app in the news category, and it is now featured on the main App Store boosting sales by 400%. As a leading sustainability consultancy, the exciting aspect for WSP is embracing this new technology to deliver the concept of'dematerialisation' - a product designed to deliver more functions, resulting in the need for fewer overall individual products, and therefore less impact.

Our Online Solutions team in Australia were approached by Fairfax Media following a Google advertising campaign we ran promoting our expertise in user-friendly software development. Fairfax is one of Australia's largest diversified media companies, including radio, digital and publishing, notably The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in Melbourne,They sought a reputable and experienced partner to develop their iPhone news application for'Fairfax Radio News'to provide instant access to Australia's best radio news on an iPhone and iPod Touch, 24 f7.

The app WSP developed delivers 3 minute news bulletins, update hourly 24/7 and half-hourly in the morning; rt covers the major international, national, state, finance and sport news impacting Australia; and there are no charges for future upgrades.

Bill Barrington, General Manager wrth Fairfax Radio complemented WSP on our work and said: 'You delivered more than was asked, on budget and ahead of schedule. The application looks brilliant and I look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the future.' Reaching number I in its category and being featured on the main App Store is the highest accolade available from Apple. It has given Fairfax massive visibility, driving huge sales of this product.

Our Online Solutions team at WSP have developed their specific knowledge of iPhone technology from attending the Apple Worldwide Developers conference in San Francisco and investing time into R&D. It's a natural extension of their skills in developing easy to use web platforms for corporates, public authorities and consumers that enable all these sectors to track, measure and influence their ecological and social footprints and their risk awareness.

The attraction of the iPhone technology from a product sustainability viewpoint is the opportunity to realise the eco- design concept of'dematerialisation'. In this scenario product designers aim for products with less environmental impact by doing'more with less'. The versatility of the iPhone is that it can be an iPod, email device, a phone, a musical instrument, a game platform, a serious POS, a camera, and rt can help deliver technical measurements etc. Such diversity enables it to replace the functions of many traditional devices and help reduce overall environmental impacts from electronic products.

Our Online Solutions team has also developed an app to enable you to play the bagpipes on your iPhone, as a virtual instrument in association with celebrity musician Murray Blair This reached the top 20 for musical apps in the US, Japan and Australia. On a more serious note WSP's information service, ElATrack, which delivers information online on worldwide legislation that impacts producers of electrical goods, is now available as a news app. We are also working on a themed outdoors environmental game for families featuring a 'star' cast from a team of Emmy award winning producers. In the Asia Pacific region we are discussing with Apple opportunities to develop apps for the corporate sector with clear opportunities in the environmental sector.

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