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Irrigation Solution at Bodega Harbour Golf Course

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The Links at Bodega Harbour in Bodega Bay, CA just about an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge is not only one of California’s most impressive golf courses, but it demonstrates a high degree of conservation by utilizing highly treated effluent from a local wastewater treatment plant for irrigating the grounds.  Brian Morris, Superintendent, knows that a course such as this needs the best in management and equipment.  And nothing is more important to a golf course superintendent than a reliable irrigation system. 

Effluent water is stored in a 33 million gallon reservoir until needed.  Here it picks up wind-blown debris, small fish, snails, algae, insects, and other materials that are destined to plug up irrigation sprinklers.  “Without a premier filtration system,” said Morris, “I would have to hire an army of workers just to clean clogged sprinklers.  Greens only remain green if the sprinklers are free of debris.”

In 2004 the original filtration system was rusting away and the control system was no longer reliable.  A dependable long term solution was found in Orival.  Orival, Inc. uses weave-wire stainless steel screens as a positive barrier to organic and inorganic suspended solids.  This company offers a complete line of automatic self-cleaning filtration systems with the capability of fabricating manifolds and filter connections to fit right into an existing piping system.  The Links needed immediate action.  Orival met the needs of the golf course by supplying three Orival Model ORI-06-PE-S all stainless steel filters with optional high-performance multi-layer screens.  The complete system was shipped the day following receipt of the order.  Actual installation and start-up took less than a day.  Operating in parallel, the three filters easily handle the 1500 gpm flow and use less than 1% of the flow for self-cleaning.

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