Its a matter of keeping the litter dry, Asger Petersen, Denmark - Case study


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Asger Petersen from the marshland in the southwestern corner of Denmark has been producing chickens for nearly twenty years. Eight years ago, Asger changed to organic with outdoor runs.  Asger produces 60,000 organic chickens per crop. All birds are “slow growing” birds so at day 65 the weight is only 2.2 kilos.

From consultant to farmer
For many years I was a consultant in the feed industry. Since I became a poultry farmer myself, I have seen a lot of changes within the industry. The biggest impact on the industry was the introduction of the foot pad lesions scores in 2002. They were a challenge to many of my colleagues, but my scores were always low so I was never sanctioned. Basically, it is a matter of keeping the litter dry to get low scores and with my ventilation system from DACS, I have the tools to keep it dry.

Significant differences
During my years as a consultant I found out that all ventilation systems perform much alike during the mild period, but I saw significant differences during the cold and the warm periods. Based on this, I found that a ventilation system from DACS would bring me the most. During winter the mixing of warm room air with incoming air is essential for the in-house climate and the direct blow of cool air during the warm period, make my birds stay active even during the very warm days. I see the birds thrive no matter the season says Asger.

Same air flow pattern
I was concerned about the openings to the outdoor runs but with my DACS system I can maintain the same climate in my house regardless of doors being open or closed. There is absolutely no draft through the doorways and therefor the birds pass through undisturbed. To this the litter stay dry throughout the house so I am pleased with my DACS system Asger states.

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