Jamaica: Tilapia pioneer expands


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

Since 1983, this red tilapia farm has been using AIRE-O2® aerators in its grow-out ponds, which produce millions of pounds of fish per year for the Jamaican market and for export. In a1990 interview, a manager at the farm said, 'We have AIRE-O2® aerators here that have been running continuously for eight years.

For maintenance people, its like a dream come true.' He added, ' these AIRE-O2® aerators can move the oxygen-rich water down to the bottom of the ponds. We have found with 2 hp aerators, we can mix the entire pond in 45 minutes.' Management here believes the market potential for a quality product is tremendous. For more information, contact Aeration Industries Int’l.

'For maintenance people, the aerators are like a dream come true' reported a farm manager.

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