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KESC`s GM suggests making the most of cows


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The Express Tribute with the International Herald Tribune

'Gas recovered from cow manure in Landhi and Korangi can be very useful'

Karachi: No questions on load shedding, warned the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) General Manager Mohammed Omar Ghaznavi at the beginning of his speech at an energy awareness seminar on Wednesday.

'It is not an easy take to fulfill the energy demands of today. These issues cannot be fixed in a day. But let me assure you, things will only loop up from now on,' he promised.

The event was held at an auditorium packed with NED University of Engineering and Technology students, who had gathered to celebrate their 'Energy Awareness Week'. The three-day event was organized by the petroleum engineering students.

On the second day, experts were called to discuss ways to save energy.

Talking of alternative energy options, Ghaznavi said that Bhains Colony in Landhi spread out over 18,500 hectares. 'Gas recovered from cow manure in Landhi and Korangi industrial areas can be very useful if investments are made properly.'

Thirty thousand tons of manure is discharged daily into the Arabian Sea. 'Just imagine the amount of help it can be if it is used properly.'

Ghaznavi said that political and social instability was limiting foreign investment in the renewable energy sector. However, in spite of the current predicament the country is in, KESC has signed MoUs with two of the biggest international companies, GE and Highmark in Alberta, Canada.

Ghaznavi also talked of solutions. Wind is already being looked into as an alternative energy source, but is still relatively expensive to use. Solar energy is more suited for small-scale installations. The geothermal sites in Pakistan are limited and expensive. Because of political and social issues, foreign investment is low and that makes hydro energy quite expensive for Pakistan to use.

'If we are to concentrate on wind and solar energy, the equipment needs to be imported because we don't make it. Renewable sources on the other hand are the answer for short-term problems faced by the power sector,' he added.

Meanwhile, Maha Kassim representing Engro said that the only alternative Pakistan has is to use its coal reserves. 'We have the seventh-highest coal reserve in the world and it's time we made good use of it.'

The question-and-answer session was long and students asked candid questions about the panelists' future projects. 'This is a huge city and there are many issues to deal with before you get to the roots,' answered Ghaznavi to a question - despite warnings - on load shedding. 'It'll just take two more years to improve everything,' he promised...

The Energy Awareness Week will end on March 5.

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