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  • Coir - The Ideal Growing Medium for Strawberries

    In June 2015, newspapers around Britain were buzzing about an offer from Marks and Spencer which sought to revolutionize gardening and retail shopping. For the first time in history, UK shoppers were given the opportunity to ...

    By CoirGreen

  • Using coir as a growing susbstrate - sustainably and ethically

    Manufactured from the inner husk of coconuts, coir is, but its very nature, produced in distant, and often developing, countries. This means that there is also an ethical slant to consider, as well as the question of shipping costs and carbon use. As retailers apply more pressure on their suppliers to focus on sustainability and ethics, these points are becoming increasingly important. Growers ...

    By Botanicoir Ltd

  • Coco peat (Coir pith, coir fiber peat) is an Environmentally Sustainable Product for the Horticultural & Agricultural sector

    Coconut fiber usage has become very common among professionals in various industries due to the versatility of the product. In the horticultural, agricultural, or erosion control sector, coir has a remarkable reputation for its superiority to other available natural materials in the market. Coir fiber is found between the husk & the outer shell of a coconut husk. The individual fiber cells ...

    By CoirGreen

  • Tennessee - Winery case study

    In the spring of 2006, Williamson County, Tennessee officials were approached about the possibility of the development of the first winery in the county. Co-owned by country music celebrity Kix Brooks (half of the superstar duo Brooks and Dunn), Arrington Vineyards was proposed in the small-unincorporated community of Arrington, which has no public sewer. The technical experts at Quanics were ...

    By Quanics Incorporated

  • The effect of amendment of vegetable waste compost used as substrate in soilless culture on yield and quality of melon crops

    One of the main environmental impacts of forced systems in horticulture — such as plastic covered and soilless culture — is the generation of organic plant residues and substrate waste. Many people are keen on research and development of ecologically friendly substrates. Thus, leaching experiments have been carried out with distilled water to determine whether compost — from horticultural ...

    By BioCycle Magazine

  • Compost Utilization goes Through the Roof

    Untitled Document Center for Green Roof Research at Penn State University uses compost in its media studies and plans to explore microbial communities. AT the Penn State ...

    By BioCycle Magazine

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