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  • Can drip irrigation keep the Prairie Profitable?

    The use of flood and center pivot irrigation of crops via the waters of the Ogallala Aquifer is as hot a discussion topic as the current drought. To many who mine the aquifer to make a living, trying to keep a profitable way of life sustainable in a time when the broader public is seeking more conservation of resources yet wanting inexpensive, plentiful and safe food is problematic. Perhaps it's ...

    By Netafim USA

  • Expanding the applications of micro irrigation `Drip` treatment and disposal systems in Delaware

    Abstract An 18–month field evaluation of four micro–irrigation "drip" treatment and disposal systems was conducted to determine if reducing the separation distance between the bottom of the drip–line and the seasonal high water table (limiting condition) could be reduced from 18 inches to 12 inches. In this study three systems did not have advanced ...

    By Geoflow, Inc.

  • Kentucky - Golf Homes Development case study

    Site: County Club Golf Homes Location: Elizabethtown Kentucky The Country Club Golf Homes (CCGH) located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky is a shining example of how technology, engineering, and land development can come together to make unsuitable land suitable for onsite wastewater dispersal. In late 2001, the CCGH developers required ...

    By Quanics Incorporated

  • Root intrusion prevention

    Nothing spells the death of a subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) system taster than root intrusion. With more growers placing drip irrigation lines below the soil surface, the need for a better understanding of how to keep roots out of drip emitters has also become more important. Work done at The ("enter for Irrigation Technology (GIT) over the past 10 years has given us some insight into how to ...

    By Geoflow, Inc.

  • South Carolina - truck stop case study

    The Kangaroo/Pantry truck stop is located at a busy intersection in Round 0. South Carolina where three state roads meet. Because of it's rural setting, it is a great place for truck drivers to fuel up their trucks and themselves anytime around the clock. The fried chicken cooked here is well known for miles around. So when the wastewater system failed and threatened to shut down this rural oasis ...

    By Quanics Incorporated

  • Reuse of dairy lagoon wastewater through SDI in forage crops

    Abstract California has become the leading dairy products producing state in the USA. This has resulted in farms commonly milking several thousand cows per day. The care and feeding of the animals has produced large waste streams commonly collected and stored in lagoons. Environmentally safe handling and reuse of the lagooned wastewater is the objective of this study. A system of ...

    By Geoflow, Inc.

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