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  • Blueberry Farm Bird Protection Tips

    It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! The leaves are turning green, the sun is staying out later and the birds have migrated north for the summer. Well, if you’re a blueberry farmer, you know that the latter may cause some headaches for your prosperous berries. Birds, like humans, love the taste of these berries and will go to great lengths to get their fair share of the tasty ...

    By Avian Enterprises, LLC

  • How to Get Birds Out of Farm Buildings

    Birds can cause many different problems when they infest your farm buildings. From stealing feed to potentially carrying diseases, birds create many issues for you and your animals. Get birds out of your farm buildings for good with these tips from Avian Control. Types of Bird Control There are ...

    By Avian Enterprises, LLC

  • Birds are not the only carriers of Avian Influenza

    Global poultry production has more than quadrupled since 1970, with the United States leading the flock. However, due to the rising demand for chicken and other poultry, avian influenza, or ‘bird flu,’ outbreaks have occurred at an accelerated rate, causing concern across the agricultural industry. Most alarmingly is the fact that the 2014 bird flu virus killed nearly 50 million ...

    By Bird-X Inc.

  • Managing grackles: Deter one of summer’s most invasive birds

    Grackles are difficult birds to manage, as they are an abundant and invasive type of blackbird. Because of this, grackles often require more effort and attention to control compared to other similar bird species. These birds live year-round in the southeastern United States, especially in Texas and Florida, but migrate to the North and Midwest during summer. Grackles like agricultural fields and ...

    By Bird-X Inc.

  • 3 Tips on How to Keep Dairy Barns Bird-Free

    Controlling birds around farm buildings can take time out of your already strict daily routines. Nuisance birds like pigeons, starlings and barn swallows don’t care about anyone’s schedule but their own. Unfortunately, sharing the barn with pest birds isn’t sanitary and the costs and dangers of birds in dairy and livestock operations can add up quickly! See how to keep ...

    By Avian Enterprises, LLC

  • Wind turbines cause rising number of bird and bat fatalities

    Wind power is one of the cleanest and safest methods of generating renewable energy. Due to the steady increase in price of nonrenewable sources, wind turbine use has increased 25% in the past decade.i While its growth has helped reduce carbon emissions and pollution, this green source of energy comes at a cost: these massive blades, slicing the air at close to 200 miles per hour, serve as ...

    By Bird-X Inc.

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