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  • The farm bill is a food bill

    As the new farm bill nears completion, spending projections have been released showing the bill’s price tag approaches a trillion dollars over 10 years. These figures have turned some heads because nearly 80 percent of the spending in the bill will go to nutrition programs. This is how the bill is supposed to work – helping farmers to grow food and helping hungry people have access to ...

    By National Farmers Union

  • Getting kids to eat green

    Kids love food, but it's not always the tasty treats that are good for them or the earth. Fatty, sugary, salty and processed foods generally have more of an environmental impact than eats of the fresh, locally produced variety. It is therefore important to teach them what is healthy to eat, and how and where their food comes from. This will help them to understand the impact of the food they eat, ...

    By green24

  • Can bats reduce nut farmers’ pesticide use?

    Ecologist Katherine Ingram is on a quest to quantify the economic value of insect-eating bats in walnut groves. For the past three years, Katherine Ingram has had a most unusual summer job: catching bats and studying their droppings to see what they eat. A doctoral student in ecology at the University of California, Davis, Ingram is exploring the role bats can play as winged ...

    By Ensia

  • Green catering tips

    It's that time of the year again - party time. Whether it's St Patrick's Day, Easter, birthdays, Christmas, weddings, Thanksgiving, Halloween or Hanukkah, we all enjoy letting our hair down and having fun with friends and family! And with these events, come the mountains of munch-ables - tasty treats of every shape, colour and ingredient. But how green is our spinach really, and should we be ...

    By green24

  • 12 sustainable days of Christmas

    At PE INTERNATIONAL we pride ourselves on our in-depth, scientifically accurate and peer-reviewed assessments and sustainability is in our DNA. So it only seemed natural to tap into our employees’ collective wisdom for tips on how to have a more sustainable holiday season. Here are our 12 Sustainable Days of Christmas, Enjoy! 1. You really know the holiday season has started when you ...

    By thinkstep

  • What’s Happening to the Birds?

    Following in Rachel Carson’s footsteps, a new generation of scientists investigates a new generation of pesticides. Christy Morrissey is driving her white pickup truck along Canada’s endless prairie highway, windows open, listening for birds. She points to the scatter of ponds glinting in the landscape, nestled among fields of canola that stretch as far as the eye ...

    By Ensia

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