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  • CRISPR is coming to agriculture — with big implications for food, farmers, consumers and nature

    Gene editing offers dramatic advances in speed, scope and scale of genetic improvement. It also offers an opportunity for more nuanced GMO governance. Very few technologies truly merit the epithet “game changer” — but a new genetic engineering tool known as CRISPR-Cas9 is one of them. Since we first developed the ability to alter the genetic material inside a plant or animal in ...

    By Ensia

  • New approaches are needed for another Green Revolution

    Twenty-first century agriculture needs low-input advances like the System of Rice Intensification, says Norman Uphoff. According to the principle of diminishing returns, continuing to produce something in the same way, with the same inputs and technology, ...

    By SciDev.Net

  • High Technology that Revolutionized Farming

    How are we going to feed the growing population by 2050? How we are going to double our food supply and how will the farming be sustainable? All the answers involve farm technology. Farm technology creates the ability to grow plants that are disease resistant, to use the equipment that can target individual crops and strengthen the rice that can survive drought and flooding and literally save ...

    By Agrivi Ltd

  • Dead pigs harmless treatment methods in China

    Dead pigs harmless treatment methods in China Any pig farm will encounter dead pigs, dead pigs are often important sources of infection of diseases to spread and spread, causing major economic losses not only on pig-raising industry, also will be a serious threat to human or animal health, so the dead pigs should be a safe and effective treatment. in the course of our work, are often ...

    By Harden Industries Ltd.

  • Building a Safe Pesticides Industry with Bioproducts and Biomethods

    Three publications on my desk are the motivating factors behind this issue’s Compost Users Forum. The first is our own Compost Science & Utilization (Summer, l999), a journal that reports research throughout the world dealing with the process and product of compost making. The initial report in this issue is titled: “Prospects for Composts and Biocontrol Agents as Substitutes for Methyl ...

    By BioCycle Magazine

  • What’s Happening to the Birds?

    Following in Rachel Carson’s footsteps, a new generation of scientists investigates a new generation of pesticides. Christy Morrissey is driving her white pickup truck along Canada’s endless prairie highway, windows open, listening for birds. She points to the scatter of ponds glinting in the landscape, nestled among fields of canola that stretch as far as the eye ...

    By Ensia

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