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  • Coco peat (Coir pith, coir fiber peat) is an Environmentally Sustainable Product for the Horticultural & Agricultural sector

    Coconut fiber usage has become very common among professionals in various industries due to the versatility of the product. In the horticultural, agricultural, or erosion control sector, coir has a remarkable reputation for its superiority to other available natural materials in the market. Coir fiber is found between the husk & the outer shell of a coconut husk. The individual fiber cells ...

    By CoirGreen

  • Label policies, marketing strategies and technical developements of compost market in the European countries

    Traditionally the use of soil improvers in agriculture is aimed at the restoration of the organic substance removed from the agro-ecosystem by crops. The addition of humus, as replacement for the portion gradually mineralised by the micro-organisms of the soil, leads to the conservation of its fertility under many point of view: physical (e.g. porosity, drainage, aeration), chemical (availability ...

    By ORBIT e.V.

  • Coir Green Husk Chips ( Coco Chips or Coir husk)

    Coconut husk is the outer layer of the coconut fruit, consisting of long fibers and sponge-like pith particles. In nature, the husk protects the inner germinating seed by resisting excess saturation and salt. The husk, which naturally helps the coconut stay in oat in water, also stays uniformly moist and does not rot. Husk chips (coco chips /Coco blocks) are used as a potting medium, due to their ...

    By CoirGreen

  • Using coir as a growing susbstrate - sustainably and ethically

    Manufactured from the inner husk of coconuts, coir is, but its very nature, produced in distant, and often developing, countries. This means that there is also an ethical slant to consider, as well as the question of shipping costs and carbon use. As retailers apply more pressure on their suppliers to focus on sustainability and ethics, these points are becoming increasingly important. Growers ...

    By Botanicoir

  • Green Industry Worker Shortage? Look to Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School for a possible solution

    It seems like every year there is a shortage of help in the green industry. I hear horror stories of H2B employees being weeks late to show up for work. Typically, they are held up because of incomplete or incorrect paperwork. I hear that many American workers that apply have very little experience or interest in our field, and it can take weeks or even months to train them – only to hope ...

    By FINN Corporation

  • Cost-Benefit Analyses: Exploring the Economics of On-Farm Composting

    When exploring the merits of on-farm composting, the question most often raised is: What are the economics? How do the savings or revenues from on-farm composting compare to the costs? Of course, the answer is the ever present “it depends.” Expenses, resources, revenue opportunities, environmental constraints and circumstances vary greatly from one farm to the next. Most people would agree that ...

    By BioCycle Magazine

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