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  • Simulta neous determinat ion of nitrite and nitrate in processed foods

    Nitrite either alone or in combination with nitrate is added to food to preserve the color and taste and to prevent foods from becoming rancid. They are also used in food for their anti-microbial properties. Higher levels in vegetables and leafy greens are possible from the use of nitrate fertilizers and/or livestock manure. Nitrate can be reduced to nitrite at certain physiological conditions in ...

    By Pickering Laboratories, Inc.

  • Vermicompost’s Role in Farming

    One of the main goals of every organic farmer is to build long-term soil fertility and tilth by feeding the soil with a variety of natural amendments. The regular addition of compost is one of the best ways to enhance the soil’s organic and humic content, which helps to build a fertile soil structure. This soil structure makes better use of water and nutrients. It is easier to till and, ...

    By Agrivi Ltd

  • How treatment of homes for termites decades ago may cause diabetes today

    Obesity has been accepted as a risk factor for diabetes but results of four recently published studies have now revealed that insecticides in fat of patients may be the real risk factor. The initial investigations showed that the expected association between obesity and diabetes/insulin resistance was absent in people who had low levels of organochlorine insecticides in their blood (1, 2). ...

    By Tox Free Inc.

  • How can we use Biomass as an energy source?

    Any Country which has Agriculture or Forestry waste available has big scope to use biomass as an energy source. We can use Biomass as fuel in its loose form but we can also bind them in solid fuel for more energy consumption. Any biomass like forestry waste, Agriculture waste or any other biomass waste can be recycled into solid biomass fuel/Bio coal/White coal/Briquette. What is ...

    By JK Machine Tools

  • Compost Markets Grow With Environmental Applications

    The use of compost in various environmental applications is one of the most intensive areas of compost research being pursued today. The high organic matter content and biological activity of compost makes it effective for use in a variety of applications. Five of these will be reviewed in this article: erosion control, revegetation, biofiltration, bioremediation, and wetlands construction. ...

    By BioCycle Magazine

  • How `open source` seed producers from the U.S. to India are changing global food production

    Around the world, plant breeders are resisting what they see as corporate control of the food supply by making seeds available for other breeders to use. Frank Morton has been breeding lettuce since the 1980s. His company offers 114 varieties, among them Outredgeous, which last year became the first plant that ...

    By Ensia

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