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Knowledge is power: A day in the life of a soil consultant


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This week we talk with Amy Duckworth from Soil Matters
Over time the agriculture sector has become more efficient and we are more equipped to measure and manage with a higher level of accuracy. Amy recognizes the importance of measuring what we manage — to reach new levels of efficiency.

As a soil consultant, Amy is often involved in ‘on-farm’ decision making around fertilizer recommendations, checking the health of crops and pastures and completing cropping rotations. “These rough plans can be discussed in the ute, and later made as a plan on Agrimap, keeping everyone informed”, says Amy.

Knowledge is power: A day in the life of a soil consultant

“Farmers can simply set a task for me to do a soil test and do a recommendation for a paddock, and I can set a task for the farmer to check and approve a fertiliser recommendation.”

By using Agrimap, people can manage decisions in their own time. Any decision can be later saved as a record, building up a ‘social’ timeline of the farms records.

The team at Soil Matters use a vast range of fertilisers, including Viafos fertilisers. Viafos fertilisers are naturally sourced what makes them cooperate with nature better. Minimal losses and no negative side effects make these fertilisers effective at very low rates.

Amy explains, “For some farmers, this is hard to get their head around. When using Agrimap it is easier to register and measure happenings on the farm.”

The software makes it easier to point out that Viafos products make a significant difference in improving soil fertility and stock performance compared to synthetic products or contaminated products like RPR which is lately proven to have very high heavy metal contents.

Amy takes a ‘full’ approach to soil consultancy, including looking at macro and micronutrients, as well as physical soil analysis. They then make customized fertilizer recommendations for you.

Agrimap ‘recording timeline’ feature then become invaluable, as the customized fertilizer mix recommendations can be saved, and a database of records is built based on the selected paddock.

Soil Matters fertiliser recommendations give soil biology a boost and work towards a low input system.

By getting this biology going, these plants will produce the N nature needs. If you’re either looking at your cattle or soils, these observations tell you how it’s going on the farm.

Registration of the observations helps you with decision-making in the future. Because, then you just know. Learn more about Soil Matters and Viafos.

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