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Koch Fertilizer enhances institutional knowledge using Enviance - Case Study


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Koch Fertilizer, LLC and its affiliates are collectively one of  the world’s largest producers and marketers of nitrogen  fertilizers. Since 1989, these companies have grown and  expanded their global capabilities to serve customers’  needs for ammonia, urea, UAN and fertilizer blends. As Koch  Fertilizer has grown through acquisitions, the company has  worked to position its production facilities to best respond  to the global market and to be more efficient and reliable.

Koch Fertilizer is an indirect subsidiary of Koch Industries,  Inc., one of the largest privately held companies in America, according to Forbes magazine.

Koch Fertilizer’s search for environmental management  software stemmed from the company’s desire to deploy  information technology and systems to more efficiently  collect and store institutional knowledge while reducing  cost and the reliance on valuable personnel.

Nearly 200 Koch Fertilizer employees use the Enviance  System to measure, manage and report on the company’s data and performance for its most important environmental  and safety programs. In 2006, the company selected  the Enviance Environmental ERP (Enterprise Resources  Planning) System to meet these needs. They depend on  Enviance to generate reports for Title V and NPDES permits, Air Emission Inventory (AEI), and GHG emissions. Enviance’s  ability to “historize” calculations with “effective dates” is  particularly helpful to adapt to ever-changing permit and  regulatory requirements.

“The Enviance System reduces the time it takes Koch  Fertilizer to produce reports, leaving us more time to  perform quality assurance on the data. In addition,  the System is helping the company build systematic  knowledge, so that new compliance leaders and  terminal leaders can walk in the door and have a good  understanding as to where we stand on the issue of compliance.” Business Systems Analyst

Koch Fertilizer appreciates the flexibility Enviance offers  in creating solution templates and deploys them across  multiple sites. The solution templates allow system  administrators to easily proliferate updates throughout the system. With solution templates and Enviance’s cloud  computing software platform, Koch Fertilizer can quickly implement new programs and locations without worrying  about hardware, software operating system updates.

“Physically completing a compliance task or calculating  your GHG emissions are only a first step. Properly documenting the results so it can be provided to a  regulator or produced in a report later is where the true  value of the System lies. Enviance provides a one-stop  shop for documentation of tasks and calculations that  allows for easy roll-up reports and compliance assurance  across business units and locations.” Director of  Compliance and Ethics

The Benefits

  • Automatic institutional knowledge
  • Easy and fast implementation of new programs and locations
  • Centralized documentation of tasks and calculations  for easy roll-up reports

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